Removing RSS feed threads from "What's New"


I've got some RSS feeds being auto created on my forums but I saw it adds the threads to the "What's New" section.
Is there any way to hide/remove the RSS threads from that section? (they are all in the same node)

Thanks in advanced.

Chris D

XenForo developer
Staff member
This is quite easy ... but only if that node ONLY contains RSS items.

If you go to Admin CP > Applications > Node List > Your RSS Forum > Forum Options > Uncheck Include threads from this forum when users click "What's New?"

Only problem is if you allow non RSS generated threads in there. Obviously that will prevent those from appearing in What's New too... So perhaps you could consider separating them if that's the case.
Oh I totally didn't see that option on the settings...
Yes it's a dedicated RSS section so that was a simple fix!

Many thanks Yorick!