XF 1.5 Removing 'Last edited by a moderator'


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I used the Post find and replace addon and now my forum has a few of these. How do I remove the line via phpmyadmin?

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You can remove the rows from the xf_edit_history table, but the last edited by note is actually based on the last_edit_date / last_edit_user_id in the xf_post table. You'd need to reset those values to hide that.
It is stored in the post table: xf_post.last_edit_date, xf_post.last_edit_user_id, xf_post.edit_count

Found these two.

So far, I have emptied the xf_edit_history table.

xf 1.JPG

What sql command should I use to remove that line? Will these work?

UPDATE xf_post SET last_edit_date = '0'
UPDATE xf_post SET last_edit_user_id = '0'
UPDATE xf_post SET edit_count ='0'

Update: The 3 commands worked. Problem solved. Thanks.
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