XF 2.1 Remove tabs from What's New Page


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I want to get rid of certain tabs on the What's New Page starting with those indicated below:

remove tabs from what's new page.png

Where or how do I do this?

I already tried removing the widgets - that didn't seem to do anything.
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For XFMG related:

ACP > Appearance > Styles & Templates > Template Modifications > Find: whats_new_wrapper (under XenForo Media Gallery) and disable it.

For New Profile Posts, etc.

ACP > Appearance > Styles & Templates > Templates > whats_new_wrapper

Find and remove: (e.g.: New Profile Posts)
<xf:if is="$xf.visitor.canViewProfilePosts()">
        <a class="{$baseClass} {{ $pageSelected == 'new_profile_post' ? {$selectedClass} : '' }}" href="{{ link('whats-new/profile-posts') }}" rel="nofollow">{{ phrase('new_profile_posts') }}</a>

Hope this helps.