Remove or Replacing "Media Gallery Embed" button from Toolbar


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I have 2 question relating to the "Media Gallery Embed" button in the toolbar.


#1. At the moment when i press it it brings up all my uploaded thumbnails and when i pick a media it pastes the Share BB [GALLERY] Code:

[GALLERY=media, 395]breakfast.. by joey_tbf posted Jan 1, 2015 at 7:16 AM[/GALLERY]
Instead of the Share BB [GALLERY] Code:

Is it possible for it it to paste the Share BB (With Thumbnail) Code: instead?


if it's not possible or it requires custom add-on. Then it brings me to my next question.

#2. How can i remove that button from the toolbar



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You can adjust how the gallery BB code works with the "Enable [GALLERY] BB Code". There may be a version that suits your needs.

You can remove the button by editing the custom BB code and removing the "Editor Icon URL" value. (Note that this may be restored when upgrading.)


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#1 The problem with the "Enable [GALLERY] BB Code" is that even if i put it in simple mode. The thumbnail size does not include the BB Gallery.

So it doesn't look good when you are pasting a lot of images. Here is a screenshoot of the 2.


Gallery BB - It one goes vertical and the pictures are different sizes.
Thumbnail BB - The second one is a lot more neater and all the thumbails are horizantal and sme size . This is better for posting lots of photos.

#2 Can you tell me which file to edit? I looked in the redactor.js and bb_code_edit.js

But it's not there. I think i am looking for " redactor_btn_custom_gallery

Media Button.PNG


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and it's gone! For anyone that wants to know. Here is the screenshot. This is how to disable it.


I will have to make a suggestion later for #1

thanks!! works good now


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@51463 Any updates on solution #1? I just had to disable the custom BB code too, because it just doesn't look as good as a normal IMG tag. And even more important. Tapatalk users complain that they don't see the pictures with the GALLERY tags, it isn't supported.


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No updates on solution#1 because it's not possible.

You will have to pay someone to get it custom made. That's what i had to do. Then it will be possible.