XF 1.4 Remove /forums/ + redirect from old VB

Hello, I've installed xenforo in the example.com/forum/ folder, so I'd like to remove the /forums/ that appears in URL, as final url forum at the moment is example.com/forum/forums/. The only way to do this is to move xenforo to the root? I prefer to avoid this solution as I've wordpress installed on the root and I'd like to keep things separated.

Also, I'm moving from a vbulletin installation with custom URL. vbulletin was also on another domain name.

URL for forums in that old domain were:

URL of threads:

Where idF means forumID and idT means threadID.

Is it possible to do a redirect 301 via htaccess to the new xenforo URLs?



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In terms of the URLs, you can't remove the "forums" portion but you can change it to something with route filters.

A 301 redirect would be possible. As an example, though you may need to modify the redirects for your format specifically, you can see the tool here that can generate them: http://tools.geekpoint.net/xfseo/