XF 1.2 Remove /Forums/ fro url


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Is your installation installed at root? However, you can't remove routes via the route changer, you can only modify them.

Adam Howard

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Technically, yes

AdminCP > Route Filters >


/forums/ and replace it with whatever you like. In my own testing, I replaced with with "OZ" so, I imagine anything you want (provided you don't add spaces or symbols).

But of you want the path to be really changed, as @Jeremy said, you need to move it to where you want.

Adam Howard

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The site is installed at root, and the above worked so thank you for that. Would that have an implicatins on the SEO side of the site?
Some people think that in the long run it helps the SEO rating removing the title "forums" from everything. I'm unsure if that is true or not.

The short term though is you will take a small SEO hit, as now you've basically changed the url's to everything. So expect a small dip at first.


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My new site isnt live yet as i am building it all behind a passworded front end until its all complete. So at least im starting from a blank canvas so to speak.

thanks again