Remove deleted users

I would like to clean up my "List All Users" list.

I assumed that when I deleted a user I actually deleted them but they are all still there infecting my "List All Users" list. Is there a way to remove these form the list?




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Have you deleted them or just banned them?

Deleted users no longer have an entry in the xf_user table.
Hi Brogan,

I deleted them. On "Forum Statistics" on my home page it says 471 members but "List All Users" lists 993.

I am manually checking each application and in the form that allows me to approve them and send notification I just select delete user and un-check notify user if action is taken.




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The public total doesn't include unconfirmed accounts (for example), where list all users in the admin CP does. The totals will be different. If you actually deleted the users, then it won't be them showing up in the admin CP.
I just set up the Users Awaiting Approval form like this and click "Process Users".

Just did an experiment and a new user I just rejected and deleted has not appeared in my full list but others I previously did this with are. I've also tried checking IP and deleting from the edit user form and again the deleted member does not appear in the list all users list.

I can't figure out where the deleted users in the list all users list have come from. They are not users that have been approved and subsequently deleted they are all ones that I've spotted as dodgy and deleted before they were approved.

Thanks for your help.


Being counted or not isn't the issue I just want to get rid of deleted users from my "List all users" list.I was only really referring to the numbers to show how many deleted users I have in there.

Also I'd like to figure out how they are getting into that list in the first place so that I can stop doing it.

Thanks again

Hi Brogan,

Yes I've read them both carefully and I think what you have highlighted in your quote from Mike is the nub of the issue. I am as certain as I can be that I deleted them but they still appear in the admin CP.

So there is something that I'm doing or have done in the past that has made me think I'm deleting them but I'm in fact not doing so. Any ideas what that might be?



PS My assumption is that if I delete a user then as Mike said they won't be showing up in admin CP. It is because that assumption does not seem to apply to my forum that I'm asking the question. I don't think I'm being stupid I'm just floundering with something that is illogical.

I think you have cracked it. They are not deleted users at all they are "Awaiting email confirmation".

So how do I delete all of these limbo applications from spammers who for some reason never confirm by clicking their email link?

Many thanks