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AndyB submitted a new resource:

Remove Conversation Actions - Removes conversation actions.


Removes conversation actions.

The default XenForo code has six conversation actions. These actions are shown after selecting one or more conversations in the Show All Conversation view.

(default actions)

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This add-on will simplify this list and show only two options.

(actions after add-on is installed)

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Modifies the code in the following template:
  • conversation_view

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What benefit does limiting what users can do en masse for conversations bring to a website?


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I would remove the options completely. Why would a user need to leave a conversation? If someone bothers him, he can use the ignore function. Somewhat I am reminded of this:
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I leave conversations regularly, I'm included in a plethora of conversations I don't need to be in and it helps me keep what I do need clean.


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Imho you should leave the options "Mark Conversations Read/Unread" because those are useful core features of every messaging system i.e. emails, tickets and so. Btw if you're removing the Star/Unstar feature you should also prevent conversations from being starred/unstarred when viewing an individual conversation by removing the Star/Unstar Conversation link.


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There is a hardcoded phrase on your add-on, line 97:
<option value="leave">Leave Conversations</option>

Should be:
<option value="leave">{xen:phrase leave_conversations}</option>