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AndyB submitted a new resource:

Remove Attachment Links - Removes all attachment links.


Removes all attachment links.

An attachment link is an inline attachment tag that has a link.

Before add-on is run:

After add-on is run:

This add-on will go through all posts and remove all attachment links. This is useful because most of these links become dead over time and...

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Tom McIntyre

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I installed this add on, but I cannot figure out how to execute it to create the list of offending attachments. In particular, I do not know what this is telling me to do:
  1. Add 'removeattachmentlinksall' to the end of the URL.

The is a URL field in the add on options that is blank. If that is the field the above refers to, I do not know what to put before it. After I do that I do not see any button or anything else to request execution. I tried appending it to the forum URL in the browser address line with and without index.php before it.

Can you clarify what URL it is to follow? Maybe an example of such a URL?

Thank you.

Tom McIntyre

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Thanks for the response. Is it possible that my .htaccess file is not set up properly to use this. I have tried entering that URL on my browser address line and placing it in the field provided in the add on options screen.

Putting it in the add on options screen does not cause any action when I save the options (nor would I expect it to). There is no associated control to "execute" the add on, so I thought the instruction described adding it to the URL in the browser address line, but that gives a 404 error.
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