Other (Reguest) BB code Pastebin/gist Post real code in forum.

One thing i really would like implimented, into the toolbar, is code bar​
with numbers in the left, just like code editors.​
So when in my forum , that have coding learning section, one could say​
in line ( exampel ) 20 the code is bad.​
Further i found two phpbb BBcode that does just that , and i would love​
to have in my forum.​

First is Pastebin.

Again this is PHPBB BBCODE so not sure it will help.
But you get the idea.

<script src="http://pastebin.com/embed_js.php?i={IDENTIFIER}"></script>
[pastebin]ID from your code[/pastebin]

The thing is that Paste bin, highlight different kind of code.
User would know, what value it the code mean.

Example in this forum.

#include <iostream>
int main()
using namespace std;
int carrots; // declare an integer variable
carrots = 25; // assign a value to the variable
cout << "I have ";
cout << carrots; // display the value of the variable
cout << " carrots.";
cout << endl;
carrots = carrots - 1; // modify the variable
cout << "Crunch, crunch. Now I have " << carrots << " carrots." << endl;
No code is highlighted.
But this is standard in all forums, so no suprice.

Other option is more advance, but have the plus, that the gist pasties, can be used strait
in Github
Well more advance maybe, just that you have to register to Paste.

This is PHPBB BBCODE so not sure it will help.
<script src="{URL}.js"> </script>
[gist]URL to GIST page[/gist] Example: https://gist.github.com/1343518[/CODE

Would also be usefull, with all the code this forum have.

What do you guys/ladys think :)


Yes ive seen that, its very nice.

but uses forum code standard box

Most code is c/c++.

So if we could add,that i def have that on my forum.

Still it would be nice, with the two i mentioned, since they have all langueges.


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What you can try: create a bbcode with a textarea with the parameter "readonly". You can try to use this framework if you want. I've never tried to customize a readonly textarea so if I have time, I will try to play with Geshi which I'm using with some personnel converters. But try to do it yourself, you can share this addon here.
the http://xenforo.com/community/resources/geshi-syntax-highlighter.89/
Works like an charm.
All the 201 languages works.
I just had to figure out first, that you had to type like this.
["code=languages"] code her ["/CODE"]
difference between small letter and big letter,and stop with out languages select .

I have to read up, on the BB FrameWork ,and BBcode stuff, alot to learn.
See if i have the time.
The textarea readonly should work, on an buch off stuff, if it works.
Chris Deeming highlighte,r uses the Geshistructure.
i just thought it only used 3 html,php,java but you can use all.

So thats all sorted.
Still i would love an BBCode that would paste pasties, strait into an post.
damn i like you so much EQnoble now. :D
ill test it ,as soon i get home.
to previous qestion.
seeking bbcode that can read the text , off an pastie , and then post it on your side in an bbcode box.
then we can save lot of,space since,the text s on the pastie server.

im on my phone but if you seek.
phbb advance bbcode 3 mod.