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XF 2.0 Registration Page Notice

I've looked through a couple threads and googled in but not sure what the issue is. My forum requires moderator approval and I'm trying to put a Notice on the registration page with instructions for the members to follow to get their account activated. I've tried different content template settings view class, and user criteria.

Could it be a permissions thing since I have it set that guests can not view the forum?


Chris D

XenForo developer
Staff member
What criteria have you got set up at the moment, or what have you tried which hasn't worked?

Rather than doing something which matches the registration page, you could just show a notice to all users whose state is "Awaiting approval". They'd then see that as soon as they register and then on any page they visit subsequently.
I've tried to do it targeting 'User is a guest' and 'User state is: Awaiting approval'. (maybe you can only have one?) and it didn't show up at all. So I tried to target the registration page template and that didn't work either. Here is what my hompage looks like when I go to it as a 'guest' with a clean browser. and the settings I have for the notice. I think it could be that I have the forum set to No for View? is there a way to still show the notice though?

Update: if I change it to guest only, AND use the floating option it will show up on the bottom right, but it won't show if I select 'box' I'm thinking since the breadcrumbs or that area are hidden from view? Still won't let me do both guest and waiting confirmation. I guess I could just make a duplicate notice though for each user criteria for now


XenForo developer
Staff member
I've tried to do it targeting 'User is a guest' and 'User state is: Awaiting approval'. (maybe you can only have one?)
Correct, you can't be both a guest and a member awaiting approval. If you want it pre-registration, you'd need to use guest; post registration, awaiting approval.