Not a bug  Registration is broken


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nice to see you in a new project, and hope to see progress next days.
About 2 hours ago, I registrated in forum and logged in the system but I couldn't change/post/do anything.
There was no information about my user account.Then I have just got this new user Adom81. Previous one was adom7 (user ID 622 )
I followed two different ways while I was registrating.

The first one, for adom7,
1- Your name or email adress box was filled an e-mail account
2- Then the second step No, create an accout now
3- sing in /enter tab
In that way, activation link was not sent to email account.

The second one, for adom81,
1- No, create an account now,
2- enter tab
activation link was sent to e-mail account.

Here is a confusion for sing in / log in. That may be seperate clearly for users.

Now hope to get my user name Adom7 :)
Could you merge Adom81 and Adom7 on Adam7.


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I think someone is actively making changes to the forum. I think I have seen some things change not too long ago.


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Only somewhat related to this bug, but users can request email confirmations to be resent now (and there is a notice on all pages if they're awaiting confirmation).

The bug itself is really just about not receiving an email and having to use a different one for another account.