XF 1.1 Registration form errors


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Please see the attached file ‘sc2’. Here, on xF Sign Up form, I deliberately entered various false info and, as you see, the error messages came up nice & tidy on the same Sign Up page itself, in Pink background, pink box.

Now, I did exactly the same test on my own website but the same error message came up on another page, i.e. the registering member was then taken to another page on which the error messages shown in the attached file ‘sc2’ were shown. So, here, this registering member would have to hit the ‘Back Button’ on his browser to go back to the registration form; this is , of course annoying & unprofessional– the errors should show up like they do on the xF site, on the Sign Up form itself, highlighted as seen on the xF Sign Up form.

So, what could be causing the registration form errors on my site to appear on another, plain background page which is not the actual Sign Up form itself? How can I get the registration form errors to appear on the registration form itself, all highlighted as they do on the xF site?

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