Registration emails getting rejected

At bluehost registration emails are getting rejected, Outlook live and hotmail, how do I fix this?

Also what's recommend for hosting service?

Is bluehost ok?


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If this happens because of the host, then there is nothing that you can do, but inform them about the problem, so they can find a solution.


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Before you just go changing hosts, you should know that Hotmail/Outlook is notorious for blocking emails for ABSOLUTELY NO REASON. And they make it impossible to be whitelisted. To be honest, the fix is telling people to stop using Hotmail. I've simply stopped trying to deal with them, and simply warn our clients. If people still want to keep using Hotmail, then they simply run the risk of not getting emails.

You can also get the IP address of your website (You can use our tool here to ping your website, if you don't know the IP: and then run it through a few of the spam blacklist checking websites out there to see what comes up. If your IP is blacklisted, that is likely the problem, and it will be up to your host to get that IP de-listed. If not blacklisted, it's likely just Hotmail being stupid as usual.


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That is incorrect.

Many people, including myself have successfully been whitelisted/removed from the blacklist.

That's fantastic! We have never been able to be whitelisted over there. Our emails can get through, but all are marked as spam, regardless of the content. You are literally the first company we've talked to in almost 20 years to say they've been successfully whitelisted.


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We simply blacklist all from Microsoft Networks so it stops them registering..

We explain by using a Notice on Registration page..



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Microsoft is easy to work with regarding emails.

Google, on the other hand, is virtually impossible to get to act on something. I was receiving my server messages for nearly 10 years on my GMail account. Then, out of the blue, they started rejecting them. After 3 months of tearing my hair out trying to get them to quit blocking my server messages, I finally went over to Outlook. Not an issue since then.

Any site that tells me I can't use a Microsoft email address doesn't get my registration or business.

Tracy Perry

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Actually what they call it is "mitigation".... and I've never had an issue getting them to do it on any of the IP's for my server(s) I've had - even the OVH one.