XF 1.2 Registration DB errors.

So since I updated to 1.2 on my forums, not a single user has been able to register on them.

The same thing happens to each person each time they try:
>enter all details
>click register
>forums take 5 minutes sitting there loading
>white screen with: An unexpected database error occurred. Please try again later
>account created, but no email confirmation sent

I have changed the emails which send the activation mails, I have rebuild the master files through /forums/install/, I have deleted plugin files and unchecked EVERY plugin in the list, and nothing will fix this issue. I have used the "fix database" button on my host and no change was done. I am out of ideas.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Try it for your self, the site is:


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If the error is not logged in the error log in the Acp can you check your server error log and post here the full error message? That would help to pinpoint the cause of it and hopefully find a fix for it.
I updated to 1.2 with this page open. You can never be too sure if anything has changed with upgrading systems, so I ALWAYS have it open when upgrading to be 100% safe. I followed them, I used the file health check and there was no errors there, there is no error logs saved on the forums Cp. There are no error logs on the main file manager. I have done a health-check on the database containing the forums tables and there is apparently no issues. I have nothing to show you because everything is telling me, it's all okay. I have rebuild the master-data through /install/ and still, people cannot register to the forums. I am stumped.


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Stickies posted by staff members are just as helpful and are focused on individual upgrades (in this case) versus the generics that the manual covers. Paul has worked diligently to provide several FAQs to ease upgrades and user's use of XenForo. They are just as official as the manual.
Is it even possible for the forums to fix them selfs? I have touched nothing since I started this thread and already, for me at least, the white database error is gone and the error you experienced is gone. I would very much love to know the reason for this happening, I shall assume it's the host we're using as the error you generated was on about memory.

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I think your conclusion is accurate.

If you ever see the white database error again, you should right click and View Source. The actual database error is usually suppressed in the source of the page.

But, of course, the hosts logs will have details. And anything in your Admin CP error logs that mentions memory is highly indicative of a server issue, more so than software.

It might be worth raising a ticket with them, even if it's working now, so they can investigate accordingly for you.