XF 1.4 Redirects showing as 404

Hey all, so the other day i installed google webmaster and today it is showing about 13k pages that are missing. They all seem to have the old forums URL such as

/forum/ instead of /forums/

And also the URL is structured for IPB not Xenforo like this



Is there anyway to fix this? Obviously i have a lot of links that are showing as 404 and i would rather have them redirect to the right places, i think it's something i've changed or screwed up.

Thanks :)
Now that rings a bell. I've moved servers a while ago, and i left the old IPB forum behind and just moved the new Xenforo forum.

So my server now no longer has a folder called /forum/

Hmmm. Can i just create a folder called /forum/ and put this redirect script into there? Or have i messed up here lol


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Having never used the addon myself and only going by what I read in the addon description I would think that it may actually work like that (I don't know to be honest) because in the description it says 'by specifying the import log table name' which leads me to believe it uses a file included in the addon to reference a row in the import log that corresponds with the old link being requested and gets it's redirection info from there.

I would ask Mike in that thread, specifically mentioning that you no longer have the actual ipb installation on the server and see what he says.

If you just want to try it out I would say install the addon and try pointing your browser at one of the old links and see if it redirects you...but I would really recommend asking Mike in that thread because he would know much better than I.