Redirection Help

Hi all, I have moved to Xenforo from VBulletin 4 and I am running Nginx and VBulletin was using "Advanced Friendly URL's".

I installed this mod -

And added these re write rules to nginx -

rewrite ^/showthread.php /showthread.php;
rewrite ^/forumdisplay.php /forumdisplay.php;
It seems to nearly work but if you navigate to an old url like this -

You end up here -

The problem is the double forward slash "//" if I remove one of the slashes the redirect works fine.

Does anyone have any ideas how to correct the rewrite rule to only have one slash?

Any ideas appreciated!
Don't I feel crazy!!!

Fixed it myself I had a trailing slash in my domain name :) in the site preferences.

Have we all been here?

Mods please delete the thread I certainly can't!
Lack of sleep porting from VBulletin to Xenforo is where I lay the blame :)!

But in all honesty I can't as it was such a simple process if I just peeled my eye lids open enough to see what I was doing :)!