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I have a redirect question. But because I have a kind of crazy installation, I am afraid the normal redirect rules wil not work.

I have imported 10 different vb forums into 1 XF forum. All 10 vb 3.8x forums have their own domainnames. I still own those 10 different domainnames

The xf forum is on a different domainname than all vb forums.

.All vb and Xf forums are on the same server. The threads & postings have been moved around after the import, to have a differnt structure then the 10 separated forums before.

Now I need a way, to redirect those 10 old vb-domainnames to the one new domainname of XF, without loosing Google Ranking or traffic or even act againts Google guidelines.

The structure on the vb forums was always that I had a normal entry html index page with a link to the vb forum

I first thought I let the index.html page alive and just change the link there to the XF forum. But I guess Google does not like these kind of entry pages. Especially if you have 10 different ones which link to the same xf forum.

So what would you recommend to do?

Jake Bunce

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You could setup rewrite rules in your .htaccess file to redirect the requests:

RewriteEngine On

RewriteRule ^index\.html$ http://www.newsite.com/ [R=301,L]