Not a bug Redirect After Expiring/Deleting Warning


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Might be useful to redirect back to the user's profile page after deleting or expiring a warning on their user account. Currently it just drops you to the forum home page afterwards, and you have to hit back a few times to get back to the user profile.


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Both of these systems already use "dynamic" redirects so they should be taking you back to the page you were on. This would be dependent on the referrer header. You don't happen to be blocking that do you?


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If you mean referrer blocking in the browser itself, no.

Although, if the dynamic redirect system is doing internal validation of some sort that it's redirecting to the forum's default base URL, that would be the issue in my case... Since I have the member route on vs. the forum base being on


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Did some digging, and that is indeed the case (sort of)... most of the time when $this->getDynamicRedirect() is called, it has a fallback URL. In the case of the warnings, it has no fallback URL so the validation that checks if the host is the same fails (since !=

Might be useful to have a fallback URL for the calls in the warning controller (most other uses of the call specify a fallback URL... and would be handy not just for me, but also for users who *do* block referrer)?

$this->getDynamicRedirect(XenForo_Link::buildPublicLink('members', $warning))