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Reddit Chat and native apps


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Reddit has now implemented and is testing Reddit Chat through their mobile app.

Real time private chat is important for members of any community. Especially on mobile when out and about, arranging meet ups, or just having the ability to be notified and reply to a conversation in real time.

I feel forums are missing the boat natively here. Tapatalk is bridging the gap while simultaneously drawing traffic and users away from your site by allowing them to create their own communities in their ecosystem.

When will Forums catch up?

Native apps and chat. Are these not basic software requirements for a growing and active cross platform global community in 2017?

What do you guys think?

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I don't think live chatting should be part of forums. Forum communities should create official Discord servers or something if they want text/voice chat in realtime.


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Isn’t the popularity of Discord integration add ons simply a signal of user demand and desire to have this kind of feature natively?

Why encourage them to register and use a 3rd party product, a product which you have zero control over and no way to reliably funnel them back to your core website?

Real time chat fosters community. It allows members to talk to other members about things they may not post publicly on the forums and develops friendships they willl associate with the community that brought them together in the first place.

They want to chat, and they will find ways to chat. If you don’t offer it they will use another platform or service that allow them to do just that.

Why not have it native so you can monetise, and have a say over the experience?

And keep the data within your community.


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I've just seen the Reddit chat toolbar roll out for me on the desktop website. Very similar to facebook chat.

I would love something native and truly live like this in XF that follows you around as you're reading threads and composing replies. The Conversation system is too clunky for general fast moving private chit chat and keeps driving me and other people I'm chatting with off the forums and back to Facebook Messenger, Discord and What'sApp web messenger