XF 1.5 Recursing into Parent Categories

On older xenforo versions, you could change view.php to recurse into categories, but on 1.5 i cannot seem to get Parent categories working properly even after changing the file:
     * Help render the HTML output.
     * @return mixed
    public function renderHtml()
        $this->_params['renderedNodes'] = XenForo_ViewPublic_Helper_Node::renderNodeTreeFromDisplayArray(
            $this, $this->_params['nodeList'], 1 // start at level 2, which means only 1 level of recursion

Now, it will go to yourdomain.com/#1 and scroll the page down to that category, instead of opening it in another page. Was there something I am missing here?

EDIT: forgot to enable pages per categories, ignore me >_<