XF 1.3 Recurring user upgrade price changes


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Ok so I've found useful info from searching, but just want to make sure I've got this right before I do anything to screw things up. If any fellow admins have done this, please confirm :)

If I want to increase the price of a monthly recurring upgrade, I should disable the current recurring user upgrade and make a new one. Any users on the old subscription will continue to auto-renew at the old rate (for infinity?) and will not be demoted out of their premium secondary usergroup, correct?

Alternatively, what would happen if I simply delete the old recurring upgrade? Would users get errors in their paypal account, or would their payment subscription auto stop, or will their money still come to us and have to be refunded?



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Just change the price; it will continue to renew at the original price.
Well this worked for 2 months, but starting now at the 3rd month, every member renewing at the old price results in the error "Error: Invalid payment amount". PayPal is still taking their money, but their account is not upgraded. So... I'm not sure what to do now. I've promised my users that they'd be able to pay the old rate until the end of the year. I have a few hundred users that this affects :(


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I have a recurring upgrade which has been changed twice and the members still pay the original cost without error.


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This is a subscription right? (As in, it's automatically taking the money out. Manual payments won't allow that.) Any the subscription was created in XenForo?

I could only see this happening if the user had already been downgraded and we didn't have have a subscriber ID that we could tie back to the previous payment.

I would need phpMyAdmin and (ideally) ACP access to determine what's going on. Please submit a ticket with that info if possible.


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Yes it's a monthly recurring subscription created in XenForo. A typical example: User first purchased a monthly recurring upgrade on Jul 25 2014. Price was increased for the upgrade in XenForo AdminCP on Aug 1 2014. On Aug 26th 2014, recurring payment went through (old amount) and user upgrade was extended normally. On Sept 26 2014, users payment was received (again, old amount) but XenForo reports "Error: Invalid payment amount".

Writing up a ticket with login details. Thanks Mike!