XF 1.5 Recurring upgrades - usergroup downgrade before paypal processing


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What is the expected workflow cycle for recurring upgrades? Particularly in regard to timing or paypal processing and user group actions.

Just had a user report that they've been user group downgraded (from premium/paid member to standard) despite having a recurring upgrade active, and a paypal account in good order.

I have an annual recurring membership. It's due today for renewal. Looking at payPal, it was previously processed 14 Feb 2016 | 11:36:58 AEDT (+11 UTC). So renewal should have been performed by PayPal approx. 11 hours ago, if it was to be done at the same time.

When I look at ACP user account change log, XF downgraded the user at 17:51 AEDT (+11 UTC), thus approx. 6hrs 20mins after the paypal renewal should have occurred (it it was done at exactly, or very close, to the same time as last year).

Paypal activity log shows no transaction attempt - success or failure - for this user.

So the current state is that the user has been confusingly downgraded and removed from the premium/paid user group, without any understanding as to why. They believe all is in order with their Paypal account for the recurring transaction to occur.

Is it just a timing issue and Paypal has yet to process the recurring renewal, some 11+ hours after the same time last year? If so, is there anyway to improve on this, and stop the situation arising?

Could a failure frequency have anything to do with it? (yellow arrow below highlighting) .....

Screen Shot 2017-02-14 at 23.16.38.png


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Murphy's law, it came through ~10 mins ago ....

Screen Shot 2017-02-14 at 23.53.14.png

Should XF increase the time between when recurring user group downgrades occur? Maybe out from ~6 hrs to more like 18 hrs.


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If this level of delay is at all the norm, it may be something we need to extend -- the 6 hours was to account for delays and it was increased somewhat recently.

Do you have any idea if this has happened to others on your forum? It would show up as their upgrade expiring (and there'd be a record for that) and then being recreated. It's a bit of a pain to track, but look at the expired upgrade list and then collate that back to the active upgrades for that user. If a user's upgrade ended on a particular day and the upgrade was reapplied on the same day/within hours, it's probably that.


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Do you have any idea if this has happened to others on your forum?
Just took a quick look (heading off to work, I can look more/deeper this evening for more occurrences if you like?) and found another on Feb 11th where very similiar occurred.