XF 1.3 Recover original template content?

Neil E.

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(this was originally posted in a Tips and Guides topic, then deleted there and moved here)

I just upgraded my test forum to 1.3 and am trying to get the hang of merging.
1) Select footer template from Outdated Templates List (footer has several edits) and click Merge Changes
2) Highlighted yellow area shows a difference to my modified template
3) This doesn't look like something I want in the template, so I click on Resolve Using Custom Version
4) Outdated Templates List now shows "Custom Version: 1.2.2 Parent Version: 1.3.0 Beta3"

So does this mean that some 1.3.0 footer template code is now gone?

I suppose I should have used Resolve Using Both to keep the 1.3.0 code there as a reference.

I can't find any View History for the footer template. I assume that history is kept only after merging. I want to revert the template to how it was immediately after the upgrade and have another look at what was taken out. I expect that any reverting to the 1.3.0 parent version will wipe out my custom changes.

Can someone post the 1.3.0 footer template code please?

Neil E.

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OK, but are the previous 1.2 customizations then lost?

Notice above the footer template:
This template is outdated. It is recommended that you merge the parent changes into this template.

When I try the Merge Changes button I get this notice:
The custom template is out of date but has been edited more recently than the parent. Merging can only be done by hand.


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In which case you will need to revert the template and reapply your customisations.