XF 2.1 Is it OK to change template content with child theme?


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We're making a custom theme and created a child theme of the default style.

As per our custom theme, there are a LOT of template changes need to be made. So, doing it with "Template Modifications" will require a LOTS of work by search/replace. I mean, adding CSS class here and there, replace snippets with other snippet and a lot more stuff like that.

So, my question is, is it OK to "directly" modify the template itself? Since, we've created a child theme, it should not affect the original template at parent theme, right? I guess the only concern is about "upgrading" the template while we do version upgrade of XF, just in case it's outdated, fine?

Your thoughts would be appreciated!

Jeremy P

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It's more than okay, it's the recommended way of creating custom styles. Template modifications are for add-ons. The only templates you shouldn't edit are those in the master style. Those in the default (not master) style or any other style can be edited as desired. Just beware that the more changes you make, the more potential work you have cut out for you when upgrading. You can likely make a lot of changes purely through style properties and CSS/LESS.