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As we're all aware, spamming the same emoji over and over is a key part to any intellectual discussion. However, XenForo 2.1's "Recently used" emoji group makes this a bit difficult at times. If you want to spam your second most recently used emoji it'll flip with the first used one and you'll just look like you don't even emoji. I definitely understand why this is happening since that one has now become your most recently used emoji. But I wonder if it shouldn't immediately update, and should only update the next time you open the emoji picker to prevent the embarrassment of looking like you don't even emoji ;)
I've noticed this too and it is a bit annoying when you want to insert multiple copies of the same recently used emoji in quick succession
We are going to 🔧 this 🐛 by implementing a ⏲ delay between clicking the 🙂 and the list 🐝ing 🆙dated.

The delay is 1️⃣.5️⃣ seconds so repeatedly spamming the 🙂 does not 🔀 the position until you 🛑.

The fix will be included in 2️⃣.1️⃣.1️⃣.

(That took longer to write than it did to fix the bug 😏)
Thank you for reporting this issue. It has now been resolved and we are aiming to include it in a future XF release (2.1.1).

Change log:
Delay logging when inserting an emoji via the editor menu so that the emojis do not switch position until 1.5 seconds after you stop inserting emojis.
Any changes made as a result of this issue being resolved may not be rolled out here until later.
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