Add-on Recent Threads page.


I'm looking for a way to have a page dedicated to just showing recent threads. My main goal is to be able to have a way users using the XFSmobile style can view recent threads in other forms besides the 'What's New' page, because the users of my site don't really like that feature.

What I'm looking for is something like the Recent Threads in the XenPortal or Widget Framework add-on, except I'd like it to have the ability to work as a standalone thing, rather than relying on those mods.

Does anyone know if there's a way I can do this, or make an add-on that would allow me to do this?



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You'd need a page with a template and a PHP callback. How familiar are you with PHP and the XF template system?

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Wow, can't believe I missed that, it worked perfectly.
Thanks so much!
No problem !

It's easily missed unless you know where to look.
Add a "Recent Posts" like in your Tabs with Jake's Nodes as Tabs Addon.

I use What's New alot, and if I want to go back to a thread that I've replied to ... I use the Recent Messages Link.

Update: I think I remember where it is because I b*tched to have it made, probably for the same reasons you wanted it.

Initially, I think it was just What's New.