Not a bug  Receiving ALERTS for posts which are not watched


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I am receiving alerts for Threads which I am in fact NOT watching.
Also my posts / comments are NOT being quoted in this specific thread, still I am receiving Alerts from this thread.

The Alert-Message says:

anotheralias replied to the thread Please Don't Get Carried Away. There may be more posts after this.


I am talking about the thread with subject "Please don´t get carried away".
So you can check this bug.


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not sure where to find my "actually Watched Threads" ??

Meaning: a Link which says: "My Watched Threads"
sorry, can not find this.

Always when clicking "Watched Threads", it shows "Unread Watched Threads".
Even when looking into my Profile-Drop-Down, it shows a Link to "Watched threads", but what it is bringing up is "Unread Watched Threads" only. Not showing the threads I am actually watching or following on to.

Maybe I am just too dumb to get this feature ?


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the link you provided for "Show all watched Threads" is quite hard to find at your website (in fact I can not even find it at all), as it is not available in the Main-Nav-Bar at the top.

I would suggest it would be more intuitive to see that specific link in the Nav-Bar INSTEAD of this link:

Also, is there any chance you put the Drop-Down-Filter-box named "with selected" also onto the following page ?

Many thanks !


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We do not expose all functionality to the top level. To do so would be to make the UI cluttered.

The path to find that link is to view watched threads, which is linked in the nav-bar, then scroll to the bottom of the list and use the 'View all watched threads' link that is located there.

It's a case of following user navigation - the 'view all' link is usually only required after looking at the summary of unread watched threads.