Received Cease and Desist from XenForo

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Not sure why, but my new site was somehow tagged as not being licensed. I received a nasty gram from Susan at XenForo. All of my forum information is correctly entered in the customer portal, which I checked again to be sure.

Very odd. I've even asked for critique here at XF for, which is the site being questioned.

Something must not be working right for me to get tagged incorrectly. I'm sure it will get sorted out, but it's never a comfortable feeling getting threats of contacting my host and having the site taken down -- especially when I'm working hard to get it off the ground.


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You should submit a support ticket with the information on your site (customer number, etc). It's probably an oversight, but you should submit the ticket to be sure!


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I'll close this as you've opened a ticket.

I've also made the guys aware.

Are you sure the cease and desist isn't from Nintendo for the domain name?
There is no Susan at XenForo.
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