Reasoning for being banned


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Is there a place to see why someone was banned?

We imported our vB 3.8.x forum and when I went to look at why someone was banned, I can't find anything.



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You can check in the ACP under Banned Users.

I'm not sure if that will apply to imported content though as I don't have a vB install to test with.


I haven't tested it, but the reason is in the code, so it SHOULD be also imported^^
if ($user['is_banned'])
					'user_id' => $importedUserId,
					'ban_user_id' => $this->_importModel->mapUserId($user['ban_user_id'], 0),
					'ban_date' => $user['ban_date'],
					'end_date' => $user['ban_end_date'],
					'user_reason' => $this->_convertToUtf8($user['ban_reason'])


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Mine were imported intact (4.0).
I think I see what it does. It does post a reason, but when we ban someone through the infraction system, a copy of the message we send to the person being banned is saved, and a link to that message can be found through a few steps in their profile. XF doesn't seem to be able to transport that link.

Thanks for the help.


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I think I know what he's talking about.

He's talking about that field where you enter the reason that we banned him/her. In vB it says "Reason to show the user."