XF 1.2 being banned vs banned usergroup. How to make it correctly?


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many moons ago, I imported sevaral vb 3.8x forums into one xenforo forums. Everything went fine. But now, I want to "clean the house" a little bit. XF 1.2.4.

Because of the vb import I have around 8 usergroups which are called "banned usergroup". I want to move/change these 8 usergroups into the correct one for XF.

I need this now because

a) I want to be sure that they are really banned and
b) because some add-ons do only work properly if there is only the original status banned is applied, not as an additional usergroup.

So how do I change this, that there is only the original XF banned naming/status left and no imported banned usergroup from vb anymore?

P.S.: I do not want to delete the users within these usergroups. Obviously the users within these banned usergroups shall not be transformed to normal registered users. They shall stay banned.
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There is no banned user group by default in XenForo.

Just create/designate a banned user group then use the Batch Update Users function in the ACP to search for and process the users as you wish - adding them to the group and banning them.

Then you can delete the unused user groups.


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I think I do not understand how XF works when someone is banned.

If I go to a testuser's profile and click there "ban", then this user seems still be part of the normal "registered usergroup". There is no check for any additional usergroup with ACP. So how do I see then that he is banned?

If I click afterwards on his profile, the profile is not accessable anymore. But below his avatar in an old posting, it is still written "member". No hint of beeing banned....


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Banning sets a flag against the user.
A user group is not required and out of the box they aren't added to one.

You need to configure that in the ACP.

By default there is no outward indication that a member has been banned. If desired, a user group can be created specifically for this purpose, with the appropriate display styling priority set to ensure it overrides any other groups the user is a member of.


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o.k., thanks.

Speaking of usergroups: Is the following possible?

User A has as a primary usergroup "registered user"

As a secondary usergroup, he actually shall have 2 different ones:

2a) Premium usergroup. This shall also be shown below his avatar
2b) moderator or administrator. This shall neither be visible below the avatar (written and/or the banner below the image), nor showing as staff member on the forum home page.

Is this technically possible and if yes, how?


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Set the premium user group as the highest display styling priority.

Disable banner stacking.

Uncheck the option which shows the member as staff.


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when a user gets banned, his username is crossed out automatically. Is there a way to let the username appear without beeing crossed out?



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The strikeout only shows to moderators, for obvious reasons.

Do you actually want to remove that functionality?

If so, this is the class to edit:
.username .banned
    text-decoration: line-through;