XF 1.4 Rearrange Navigation Links

Hello Everyone,
I recently got 2 new links added onto my navigation bar but I wanted to know how I can rearrange them. I have looked into the Navigation Template but can not figure it out at all.

It is currently looking like...
Forum - Store - Resources - Members

I want it to look like...
Forum - Members - Resources - Store

Any ideas on what I can do?


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How were the links added?

If it is via an add-on, it depends how they have been added and you will most likely have to enable debug mode to change the execution order or template modification.
The Resource link was from the XenForo Resource Manager and the Store link was from the Store Framework add-on from *******.


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Right, so my post above applies.

There are no configurable options so you would have to enable debug mode and manually change the execution order of the code event listener, for the Resources tab at least.

You would have to ask the developer of the other add-on for how to change that one.