really confusing numbers.


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How is it that I am past rebuilding 88,000 threads but my forum only shows that it has a little over 57,000


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Did you find out why? Been running my import for 12 hours and finally up to this stage and it's rebuilt 80,000+ threads, despite me only having 60,000

Jake Bunce

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That's the difference between the row count and the range of thread_ids. There can be gaps in the ids. So I can have these thread_ids:


The rebuild will show up to the number 10 when it processes the batches. But I really only have 5 threads.

If the rebuild is failing then you can try a smaller or larger batch size.


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It completed on something like 90,000.

Some more confusing numbers I imagine you know the answer to, any idea why when I look at the database in phpmyadmin, the number of records for some of the tables are negative (e.g. ~413,841)?