Confusing options when displaying search results


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When displaying search results for content type post, it is possible to show the results as threads and have them ordered by "Date".

This can be somewhat confusing:
If both options are enabled, the results will be sorted by post date but display thread date on the results page with on indication for the date of the actual hit.

This may lead users to believe that sorting did not work as results appear to be "out of order".
It is currently also impossible to search for threads and have them sorted by last post date - this might make it more difficult than necessary to find the thread that was searched.

I'd therfore like to siggest three changes to improve this
  • Move checkbox "Display results as threads" above the order radio buttons
  • Change "Date" to "Post Date"
  • Change "Date" to "Thread Start Date" if option "Search titles only" is selected
  • If option "Search titles only" is enabled additionally also offer "Last Post Date" as a sort option
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