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"This is the number of days to maintain read marking data (such as for threads and forums). Data older than this will always be seen as read."

Setting: 30 days

So this is working fine except, if a user replies to a thread where the last reply is older than 30 days, I am being brought to the beginning! That would mean it is acting as unread, not read. If acting as read, I would be brought to the new post.

This is happening on both my sites. To test it I set the read date longer and waited that period. Still the same. Anything after that period is acting as unread.

These are threads I have read, so I would like to go to the new post, but it is not working as it states.
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There is some logic problem here because if I manually "Mark forums read" with the link, I am brought to the newest post once a thread is replied to, if I have read it before marking read.

If the read markers expire, and they are seen as read (as it states) I am brought to the beginning. That's unread.

I suppose what is happening is, since the marker expired it can't tell if you have read them or not so it shouldn't bring you to the newest, in case you have never read it. And manually marking as read is working to still bring to the newest if the marker in settings hasn't expired?

That's why I would like a forever setting, and it won't let me enter a setting past 365 days. Any advice for setting it forever? Or maybe XF can address this issue, or the language to clarify.

In other words, my expected behavior here was, they would not be bold, but if they were bumped, you'd be brought to where you left off. Like marking forums read. I don't mind them being unbolded after the days setting. Maybe this can be done.
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