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Hey all,

I am wondering if anyone is able to help me achieve the following.. I would like to install XF in the base directory but re-route the forums to /forums/ so that i can create a custom home page that will be displayed when clicking the home tab.

Now i am not great at explaining what i mean.. But if you are familiar with the addon "xenPorta" (the portal).. that addon manages to re-route the forums to / forums without physically installing XF in a sub directory...

This is the URL structure i am trying to achieve:

hxxp:// <-- Custom home page with the XF wrapper.

hxxp:// XF Forums will look like this.

hxxp:// <--- normal XF page / tab url when XF is installed in the base dir.

Basically i can manage what i require with a existing addon but as the XF index.php file is needed i can not create a custom front page that calls my custom front page..

Really appreciate any assistance on this topic, Any advice / help / assistance will be greatly appreciated.

The are several portals / addons for XF that can manage this.. I just don't seem to be able to mange to work out the correct method to re route the forums to /forums/..

I am using a script / have manged to find a addon that allows me to create a custom front page within the XF wrapper however to make a front page with this requires XF to be installed in a sub-directory in order to work.

Regards, Darren
Cheers Jake really appreciate your help :)

Will this be addressed in 1.2 by any chance ? the ability to set the home tab / set a custom page as the main index.php or will this still require modifications.

Thanks again.. while not a major issue this will help me future proof my project.

Regards, Darren
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