XF 1.3 Re-importing SQL from VB 4.2.1 to XF 1.3.1



I migrate from VB 4.2.1 to XF 1.3.1. After the installation, I imported my VB SQL to my brand new XF and everything is fine.

In the meantime, my VB was still open, so my members could continue to post and participate. Hence, I was running at the same time a VBulletin open to my members and a test XF only for Admins.

Now, I would like to know how to re-import the updated VBulletin SQL to my existing XF that is now using an outdated sql.

Is this possible, or the best solution is to delete my current XF SQL and re-import my VBulletin SQL?

I just don't want to lose everything I did so far in my XF.


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Thats not possible

You will end up with duplicate content if you do.

The sticky thread at the top of this forum explains the best practices.