XF 1.5 Migrating from vB to XF 1.5


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Currently migrating from vB to XF and I have run into an issue. When I initially installed the forums I imported a database from our vB forums, and I have been working on that to make all the changes and adjustments I wanted when importing.

Now it is time for my community to migrate to XF and I am having importing issues, so following problem is, when I import the database we duplicate a lot of data, posts, PMs, boards, etcetera, users get assigned the duplicated usergroups, and so forth, you get the picture. Therefore we are creating merge conflicts.

I seem to think of two ways to overcome this, one being deleting all the data that we don't need manually before importing out newest data from vB.

Or simply importing from 0 and making all the changes once again.

None of these options are very viable and will require some downtime, which I wanted to avoid. Are there other ways to overcome my problem?