XF 1.4 Re-import vB blogs and social groups


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Two months ago, we converted our 12-year old vB-based forum to XF. We imported the blogs into "Better Blogs", but realising that this add-on does no longer seem to be actively supported we would like to re-import the vB blogs as well as the social groups from the original vB4 DB directly into XF.

How can we import the blogs and the SGs only? Thank you for any pointers.


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Blogs and groups aren't imported by the standard importers so it'd really be down to how the custom importer you'd used would handle it. Generally, you'll only be able to import these parts individually if the importer only imports them specifically and is designed to handle working with a previous import.

Jake Bunce

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You want to import blogs and social groups to what exactly? Since there are no official equivalent features in XF you will need to find a third party addon to house that data. Or this old unofficial vB4 importer has modules to import blogs and social groups as threads if that's what you want. This would still require some careful planning and code modifications to be able to run just those modules.


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Mike, Jake, thank you for your replies.

We would simply like to import the blog entries and the SG messages as threads and posts. It was possible with the old vB4 importer (we tested it last year), but when we finally converted our main board to XF this October we made the mistake of choosing the default importer and realized it too late.


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Curious what the outcome was here. Did you succeed in importing you blogs after you had used the standard importer?


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@SchmitzIT helped me a few years back with importing my old vB blogs as threads. We intended to eventually replace the blog feature if a stable addon came available but my members didn't really miss them so we left those as 'archived' blogs and never looked back.

Each blog entry was imported as a Thread and each Comment was imported as a reply to that thread