Blogs and Social Group Addons for XF2?


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About Group add-on: The only add-on out there (for XF1) which really can be called a Groups add-on (In my opinion, I don't say the other options are not good. I just say based on my expectations), is by @truonglv (formerly Nobita). Though it was/is badly buggy! and very very very slow update (which usually are buggy too). Recently he had some speed up and brought some good updates. He ported his add-on to XF2 but as I also mentioned in his site, if he doesn't bring the XF1 version's feature + a few must-have features to XF2 version, I won't use it anymore (and so, if another good developer bring something similar or better, with better support and faster updates, I may think about move in)
Have you read some recent updates? LOL


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a useless add-on that I can't buy?
Here are 2 questions:
  1. A "Useless add-on" that you can't buy? If it is useless, why you want to buy it? (Sorry if I misunderstood though, English is my 5th language. It's normal if I misunderstand!)
  2. You can't buy it or He doesn't sell YOU? (if the first, then contact him to check things. If he doesn't sell you, then maybe he has his own reason. Then yes consider waiting for a blog add-on. I agree with you in that case that people in your situation should have other options. Btw if I make something like UBS and someone calls it useless in a public community without even having it, I also won't sell him anything ;))
Anyway, let's keep this thread clean for its OP goal which is something else. Contact @Bob for more info if needed. I have no info about him and his policies, neither I have more info to add to this thread or your post. Hope your problem be solved soon too and your improve your site with a nice blog add-on.


To be able to build a bridge between Xenforo and a CMS like Drupal, with the same users, is something I would like very much.

Recep Baltaş

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I don't know much, but I think it's not as flexible and modular as Drupal. I'm also taking a Drupal course, and I don't feel like studying WordPress too.
AFAIK, Wordpress is way better than Drupal. We use Wordpress on our 100K visitor taking web site.


Linking xenforo with wordpress is not a good idea for the new project I want to launch?

Which does not include blogs, but multimedia gallery and several sections that have nothing to do with the classic idea of a blog, and where the discussion forum would be just something very secondary.

I believe that Xenforo 2 + XenForo Media Gallery + add-on XenWord Pro, would be a simple solution, but it doesn't give me the design freedom I want.

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