XF 1.5 Re-do permissions?


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Is there a way to re-do/fix permissions?

I demodded someone and it seems to be that the permissions are not the permissions of the registered user group. They don't have mod permissions but it seems there permissions are anot different.


Bonus question :) How can I ensure that the user is now registered and not a mod? The user settings are for registered but he still shows as a mod in Notable members


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You can check the permission analyzer to see where the permissions are coming from.

Users displaying as staff is not directly tied to being a moderator. It's controlled by the "display as staff" option per user. You can check the value of that when editing the user.


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Ok, thanks. i believe I have the permissions set correctly.

See screenshot. This person is no longer a mod. How come the name is still there (notable members)?

Screen Shot 2016-08-28 at 6.47.27 PM.png
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Tracy Perry

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Odds are you have a specific USER group (like the registered, administrator) that is called Moderator and they are a member of it as a secondary group (should not be their primary as that should be registered).