Rate the default XF skin

Rate the default XF skin

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I like it but there is a number of things I would alter change etc... Saying that if I was to use xF on one of my main sites I would like to use a completely different style but only to be different ;)


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I like it very much. There are possibly one or two things that I would tweak, such as the peach accent color. Other than that, not much at all.
It's clean and fresh and easy on the eye. As an out of the box design, it's great. When I eventually get my own copy, I will want to tweak the colours but that's all.


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Given all the constraints that a default theme has for forum software, it is perfect from a visual/usability view point. 1,000,000X better than the initial vb4 release put up on vb.com (last fall?).

It would not work for our forum though, at least the colors would have to change.


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It's not bad, but most are going to want more flair. This skin has a very "washed out"/faded look to it - not enough contrast.

No doubt that it's clean, and any default skin does need to lean more towards the lightweight look and not the heavyweight look, which this one does. Users can always add to lightweight, but it's hard to remove from heavyweight


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I think I understand the use of Georgia here but I agree, I would go with something different myself.
I really like the font actually. Remember the vb4 font that was initially used at vb.com last fall? It practically took an act of congress to get them to change that so it could be readable. :mad:


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It's blue, I'm not a fan of blue skins at the best of times. I never use the default skin on a forum, so wouldn't use it for that reason... but it's fresh and clean and easy on the eyes, so for a default out of the box theme it checks all boxes!


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I'm liking the simplicity. There's a few things I would tweak, but that would most certainly be true no matter what the style looked like.