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Chris D

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Chris Deeming submitted a new resource:

Rate Own Resources - Includes a new permission that allows resource authors to rate and review their own resources.

The idea for this add-on came from a thread created by @BamaStangGuy:

I thought it was a good idea, so thought I'd knock it up quickly.

The add-on adds a new permission (global/category) that will allow a resource author to rate/review their own resources (subject to the usual permissions with regards to rating resources).

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Enjoy! :)
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That would be a simple bit of code.
Extremely narcissistic though - I can safely say I have never "liked" one of my own posts on FB.


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Apologies to Chris for taking his thread off topic.

The actual code which prevents you liking your own posts is:
        if ($post['user_id'] == $viewingUser['user_id'])
            $errorPhraseKey = 'liking_own_content_cheating';
            return false;
In \library\XenForo\Model\Post.php

Commenting that out will allow post authors to like their own posts.
Further code changes would be required to deal with alerts, etc.

Mike Edge

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I think people do it ironically :D, I know I do. But yeah, some just think they say interesting things.
Have some tell me too they do it as it gets more people to read it. Seems people these days are more interested in content you like then content you write.

Chris D

XenForo developer
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Not with this add-on, no.

You would have to search for another resource in the Resource Manager. I'm not currently planning to make any changes to this add-on.