XF 1.3 Rare posting issues


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Since I first installed XF 1.1, I had this issue occuring for different members, myself included. Basically, you write a reply in the quick box at the bottom of the thread and sometimes, pressing Post does nothing, it just greys out for 2-3 seconds..it become available again..and thinking it was somekind of glitch, you press it again since your reply didn't appear. The second time you press it, you'll automatically create 2 identical posts..basically, you post the same thing 2 times.

First I thought I can combat this by adding the time limit per consecutive posts but that doesn't help at all.

Since this doesn't occurs very frequently, I have no idea how to isolate the issue. Currently I get this on Chrome, couldn't duplicate it on FF but some members told me they have. I'm not sure if this is a jQuery issue or anything...maybe you guys can help.

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