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Random Quotation Display


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Since starting my forum in 2004, I have used phpBB2 and vBulletin3 for it, in that order. For both forum software, there were several modifications that would display one quotation at a time on the index/forumhome page (or wherever else you wanted it) which was chosen randomly from a text file placed on the root directory. I am using one such modification at my forum right now, though the modification was archived at vbulletin.org so it is not publicly available for download. To see the modification at work at my forum, just scroll to the bottom of my index page: http://theinfinityprogram.com If you do not want to load that page, here is a screen shot (with some of what is above and below the quotation box also shown to give an idea of where it is):


That quotation is being pulled from a text file located at http://theinfinityprogram.com/rand.txt

Would anyone be interested in making something like this?


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Good idea! :D

I'd like an option to add my own quotes to display around the site.

For example, I'd add funny TV show lines or lines from the TV show theme songs, etc. :)


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I also was thinking something along those lines, placed differently but the same thing essentially. I think this would look really good below the copyright text but if someone were to make this I suppose it could be placed anywhere on a page. I'm all for it.


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I have already done this as a sidebar but I am sure you can put it anywhere...


I would have shared it but I didn't think anyone would be interested and then i forgot that I made it...it collapses as well

If anyone is interested I will post it somewhere...it is not an add-on though it was manually created.


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You may find an add-on I'm working on useful:

It lets your users (or you could use the permissions to make it so only you can) add quotations to be displayed. I'm working on a random quotation display (it currently only works if there aren't other add-ons that change the forum homepage).
I will have to try that out...I like the concept you used when putting it together and I can see this being much more useful than my lil ole template edits :) Nice work! Like I said I will be giving this a try.


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Oh, I missed the last few replies. It is nice to see an add-on has been worked on. I wonder, though: I have been using a similar add-on since my forum was on phpBB2 until it was converted to vBulletin3, but the add-on in each case required me to collect quotations in a text file, with each quotation separated by simply moving it to the next line and using <br /> tags when a single quotation required more than one line.

Is there a way to keep this list without having to reformat everything, which would be saddening since I have thousands of quotations?

(Also, these quotations are particularly important to me since I did not just throw them together with attribution from lists throughout the Internet, but many are well sourced from my reading and used for reference. I used HTML entirely for formatting, as the add-on required.)