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I'm looking for a couple if addons for XF2, and I can't find what I'm looking for:
  • Points system. I know there are trophies but I don't think that can do what I'm wanting. I'm basically wanting a forum currency (that I can name ideally) that members can:
    • Gain by doing certain actions (i.e. upload an avatar, first post)
    • Also accumulate based on their posting. So maybe 4 points for a new thread, 1 for a reply. Ideally it would be good to be able to calculate off the character count in the post, at the very least setting a minimum
    • Getting likes on their post
    • Spend the points? I.e. have access, change their username etc
    • to be able to recount the above, so take into account what is already posted
  • Random quote generator. Basically an updated version of this:
If anyone knows of addons that do this, please let me know!
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