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ragtek Navbar Manager

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Planned Features:
  • Using Phrases instead of the hardcoded text
  • Sub Menus

If you want to donate our work, feel free to register at www.ragtek.org/xenforo and get an account upgrade.
All donators will have (soon) early access to all new versions of our add-ons, because we will release them there all 5 days earlier as here on xenforo.com.
We will also have some "exclusive" stuff availabe there:)


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Looking forward to the highlight and sub menu feature. For now, I'm glad we are saved from manual template editing. Thanks ragtek team :)


If i had known that this quick & dirty add-on was requested so much, i had coded this earlier, instead of letting my coder do this for me:D

We just need to find an way to come to money, so i could let my employees work on more add-ons:D

Do you plan on developing this any further? Basically im talking about highlighting and sub-menus, thanks
I have to finish this, but not ATM

1. I need to help to finish some other add-ons and the next steps need more time as this quick and dirty implemention;)
2. Because we have no roadmap, we don't know if kier & mike are planing to implement something similar in 1.1. So it would be a extrem wasting of time & ressources....
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