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ragtek Most Online Users

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Thanks ragtek, It would make a great add-on that shows users total online time right next to the username :D


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I cant get this to show up no matter what i do.. My Statistics block is in a different location outside of the sidebar but in the same template (Below Forums) would that make a difference?


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This shows up fine for me but any way it could also integrate into Jaxel's Forum Statistics module on XenPorta? Can one add-on extend another or just the core?


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I can't get to see it either. I can see it using the default style, but not my custom style. I can't find what's wrong.

I noticed the template wasn't created in my custom style, so I manually created it but it didn't make it work.

Please, let me know if you encountered this issue before.
Yep, it does, but some template hooks may be missing.

I took a look at your code and looked for this template hook in my custom style:
<!-- slot: forum_stats_extra -->

It's in my template forum_list template right now, but nothing show up.
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