Quotes As BBCode vs. WYSIWYG / Rich Text Editor


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Sorry for the dumb question, but in all my searches I can't find the answer:

I love the Rich Text / WYSIWYG editor on xF, but I'm stumped on something. Why is it that when I hit "reply" and quote a previous post that I'm given the bbcode for that quote instead of having the quote be in a graphical quote box?

It seems the current editor is a mix of WYSIWYG and BBCode?

Is there any way to make the editor 100% WYSIWYG?



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The only way to go 100% WYSIWYG is to drop all bbcode entirely and rely on everything being pure HTML. Which is fine for most minor formatting but can truly suck for something complex like quoting because it changes a lot of rules. Or, say, you want to change formatting later.

Or, even, let's say you limit the number of links in a post. The number of links in a post would then have to deal with the fact that quotes also contain a link back to the person who is being quoted... doable but very, very messy.


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Interesting, I hadn't considered those other points. I wonder if a system that has a toggle between bbcode and WYSIWYG would work? Maybe some system that converted the WYSIWYG to bbcode and vice versa as needed?

Sorry if that doesn't make sense as coding is over my payscale. :)


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The button on the far right will convert anything that's in WYSIWYG to BBCode. Its mostly unfeasible to do complete WYSIWYG with BBCodes and it would get fairly complicated to manage code wise.