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If i want to quote a marked text from a post with a quote in it, it doesn't work as expected on mobile. (@Nathea)

Tested on iOS 16 with Safari & Chrome and iPadOS 15.7 with Safari, Firefox & Chrome.


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What doesn't work as expected?

Note that quotes in posts are not carried over when quoting.


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If i use a iPad, for example, and mark some words in a post for quoting there is a tooltip with "Quote"/"Reply". I can click on reply and quote the marked text, maybe write something below the quote. If i now want to do exactly the same with the new text below the quote, i can't click on the reply tooltip. Sometimes it works with a doubleclick (fingertap), but mostly not.

The weard thing is, i tried to do a screenvideo on my iPhone. If there is no recording the issue apply, if i record there is no issue.

I hate such issues.. :mad::p